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Eating & Drinking Establishment

3153 Morgan Ford Road St. Louis, MO 63116

Three Monkeys Eating & Drinking EstablishmentOnce decorated with small shops and tightly knit neighborhoods this charming area of South St. Louis, located near Tower Grove Park, bustled with activity and served as a melting pot for the diverse St. Louis community. Unfortunately many of the areas “old hands” lost interest in the late 60’s and early 70’s as shops closed and homes boarded up with the movement out west.

But now a renaissance has taken place over the last decade as the architectural elegance and sense of pride in the area has been re-discovered (along with a healthy dose of hard work and imagination). The neighborhoods are once again full of life creating resurgence in city life that has made this historic area of South St. Louis perfect, warm, gracious and welcoming, again.

You're Among Friends at Three MonkeysThree Monkeys Eating & Drinking Establishment is a friendly corner gem in this rich neighborhood setting. A restaurant and bar where you will find outstanding food and modest prices all in a cozy setting where the charm of a bygone era is intertwined with the high tech of today. This will soon become your favorite weekly dining spot or a local gathering place to have a cocktail with old friends and new acquaintances. So, please stop by, you’re among friends at Three Monkeys.

Three Monkeys Eating & Drinking Establishment

3153 Morgan Ford Road St. Louis, MO 63116

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